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MasterCard Get Address Address

Information about a particular address on the network

MasterCard Get App

Information about an application referenced by the `id` parameter

MasterCard Add App

When you are permissioned onto the network, you will be issued one or more `id`s to use

MasterCard Get Block

By default, this call returns the last confirmed block, since the `from` and `to` parameters will both default to the last confirmed slot number

MasterCard Get Block Key

A specific block may be retrieved by its hash key

MasterCard Get Entry Key

Returns full detail of the value of the blockchain entry referenced by the specified key, if it has been previously recorded by your node's key-value store (database)

MasterCard Put Entry

Add a transaction entry for your application to the blockchain

MasterCard Get Node Address

Information about a specific node may be retrieved by its address

MasterCard Get Node

By default, this call gets information about your local node and its connections

MasterCard Get Status

Gets general metadata about the current state of the blockchain network

MasterCard Add Support Encoding

A utility function that can be used temporarily if you don't have a library handy for a specific encoding

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